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A) Motivation : The courage which looks easy and yet is rare and courage of a teacher repeating day after day the same lessons the least reward of all forms of courage.
Teachers are motivated by awarding/rewarding by a system of screening them & upgradation/promotion of the teacher is considered timely so that stagnation is not created. However it depends on the fulfilment of required qualification & experience.

B) In service Courses : Provision has been made for teacher orinted courses fronm time (Sarvodaya Groups) to make them aware about the latest curriculum and Teaching patterns.

C) Qualification for Teaching Staff :
a) N.T.T. – For a Nursery Trained teacher, Graduation with NTT Diploma Certificate & 3 years experience.
b) P.R.T. – Graduation with B.Ed & three years experience.
c) T.G.T. – Graduation with B.ED & three years experience in CBSE/ICSE/States/Board.
d) P.G.T. – i) Master Degree in the subject
ii) B.Ed or three years experience in a Senior Secondary School.
D) Teacher – Section Ratio : 1 : 1.5 as per CBSE Norms


The information weeks of the various subject would be celebrated in the school. The basic objective to organize these weeks is to gain knowledge by sharing informaton and develop awareness about the particular subject. All children are expected to gather interesting informaton. The teachers and the parents are expected to provide some interesting informatons and pass it on the child for sharing with other children in the school. During the celebration children are expected to discuss about the subject during break or during interaction outside the classroom.
The sharing of information starts with assembly everyday and ends with interhouse quiz on one day of the fortnight either penultimate day or the last day of the fortnight or a day fixed by the school for quiz competition of 35/40 minutes duration.
The subject teacher would be acting as the quiz master for quiz competition and would be assisted by assistant quiz master, a time keeper and scorer.
The interesting questions for the quiz would be
Sharing of Information is knowledge gain
1. Mathematics Information Week
2. Science Information Week
3. English Information Week
4. Hindi Information Week
5. Social Science Information Week
6. Computer Information Week
7. G.K. Information Week

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