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Counselling at Gautam International School Venue:- School Conference hall Date:- April 20, 2016

Life Skill Education for Class IX, X and XI
The true essence of adolescent life lies hidden in the quote “A life without hope is life without possibilities”.
i.e is to find newer possibilities and if the choices are made in a well informed and aware manner. Life become easier and happier.
We at Gautam International Sr. Sec. School believe in having the latest skills and potentialities of the child so as to give them the true sense on life – skill education.
The students of class IX, X, and XI attended the counselling (Workshop) which helped them to tide over the adolescence period. During one and a half various seminar underwent observation method and formal and informal observation. The source person was Mr. C.B. Oberai (Retd. DG forest Dept. Uttarakhand)
Mr. J.P. Sharma – Principal GIS thank Mr. Oberai for the valuable suggestion and guidance.

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