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Gautam International School, Indira Nagar , Vasant Vihar, Dehradun, is a Senior Secondry affialiation No.3530121
Registration and admission in 1st to 12th Standard is open from January onwards for
the session 2018-2019.

It is the vision and the inspiration of Late Prof. C.L.Sharma school was established in the year 2000 to spread the education as a mission . To Quote”Create an outstanding Institution that will out-live us.”
Late Prof.C.L.Sharma born in 1914 was a great educatinist and wrote a number of educational papers.


Studied Sanskrit , Urdu, Persian and Pusto. He worked as ALT and taught Britist officers as a language eacher. He was a translator of Urdu and HIndi and worked as interpreter with top secret organization (Force 136) having status of a commissioned officer in civilian capacity enjoying the facilities as of a Lieutenant in the British Army in India. He also worked with American , Japan , German embassies and earned a good name as a cultural Guru especially teaching them Indian mythology.


On the persistent demand of the residents of Indira Nagar , Vasant Vihar and its surrounding area and keeping in view to provide modern, quality and value based education to the children of the area; the management decided to establish this temple of education . The aim of education is for the upliftment of children and to awaken their dormant talents.We shall be failing in our duty of we do not mention here that it is due to the well-organised management consisting of academics of high calibre and intellectual capacities that the school is in pursuit of excellence in education including all round development of children.


In the end it is imperatively demenaded of our duty to the institution to extend warm welcome to all the wards and their parents and to pray to the almighty God for the fulfillment of their cheirshed aims.


wishing Good Luck to all.


Gautam Educational Society .


Education is the process of developing in a systematic way the intellect the human being, such that he is capable of assimilating, understanding and deciding the course of action to achieve a pre-set goal.
At Gautam International School, ?Education for all” is of great importance. Our mission is to provide education to students coming from economically backward families as well. In other words this school intends to bring good quality education to the doorstep of the poor as well. A highly qualified trained staff guides the children to think, reason and develop independent problem solving skills. The children are taught to plan and encouraged at every stage. The teachers teach with love, understanding and kindness with an Individualistic focus. Our staff is dedicated and works in a missionary spirit. Teachers are willing to devote themselves to the noble cause of spreading education which is the aim of Gautam International Sr. Sec. School. A.K.Sharma

(Gautam Educational Society)


We have a multitude of Institutions which we call school but the real schools where the real lessons of life are learnt are the ?Homes?. There is no training to be had in school, or college or any where in the world which can take place of discipline of the home.
Today Schools face enormous challenges dute to complex society and a rapidly changing technology. Scientists and technologists tell us that skills and knowledge that are required today may completely disappear in the near future,

replaced by a new set of competencies and to survive and be successful every one should continue to learn as such higher academic standards are required than ever before as technological, revolution has put conventional educational system and learning on a collision course .
As a new world order is beinining to take safe, post globalization an rising tension and increasing value conflicts education has to offer solution to these issues so that young people are able to create a better earth.
Hence, the need of the hour is thinkingeducation al leadership,thinking teacher, thinking students and thinking parents and community is there.We would liberate ourselves from such mindless routines and futile repetitive, procedures by transforming our school and system into thinking and learning communities so that we can attain true liberation.
There is no beining or end to learning and that is the first lesson to be learnt . Core purpose of education should be holististic evolutin of the child.

Gautam International Senior Secondary School

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